Alex & Mary Barriga
"We are family owned and operated with a commitment to Quality First."

About Us

A & E Painting has been providing homeowners with excellent exterior and interior painting services since 1976. The young newlywed couple Mr. & Mrs. Barriga Jr. established their painting business in the Chesapeake Bay Baltimore Maryland area. They knew coming out of their comfort zone would be a challenge but they entered the self-employment field with both feet and held on to their vision to make a better life for themselves and their two young daughters. The small family owned business would be their vehicle to financial freedom.  A & E was established in 1976 and is managed by Mary and Alex. Through their dedication to their customers and their sense of honor and ethics; they have become and maintain the position as the leaders for residential painting services in the Tri-County area (Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough).  A & E understands that the customers are the true managers of each project that they execute. Our focus is to continue to provide exceptional service and to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with the results. When A & E Painting says the customer is the manager they really mean it!

This is accomplished by incorporating the customer as the facilitator of their own home improvement project. The unique and successful approach allows the customer not only to have their specific needs met, but tailored to their exact specifications, ensuring perfection every time. We always work around your timeframe so that you may examine each step of the painting process.

A & E Painting utilizes only top of the line Paints & Coatings; Using 100 % Acrylic Materials, coupled with the master painters at A & E the result of such a combination produces a paint job of unsurpassed quality. We know that proper preparation is critical to any paint job and influences the quality of the finished project.


All surfaces to be painted are carefully pressure cleaned to remove mildew dirt and chalking. Properly measured doses of chlorine are applied to all areas where mildew may be present.  A & E pays close attention to all the fine details, such as the removal of trapped dirt along the base of the walls. We dig down deep to remove all dirt, not just what is visible to the eye.  Scraping when necessary is also included.
Masking is used to cover all windows and fixtures. When applicable, the first several feet of birdcage adjacent to walls are also masked to make certain no primers or paints are applied to those areas. Drop cloths are utilized around the entire house. Cracks in stucco and around windows are patched as necessary. Specially formulated waterproofing primer/sealer is applied for durability and to provide a good base for new paints or coatings. 100% Acrylic paint or coating is expertly applied from a selection of flat/velvet/satin/gloss or high-gloss. Upon completion of the job, touch-up paint will be provided and left for the customer.

A & E Painting's professionalism is proudly presented in every home make over they complete.  A & E has lots of references in your neighborhood.  Call us today to see where you may drive by and view some of our current workmanship. By the way, if you were wondering why Mary and Alex chose the name A & E Painting, they name the business after their twin daughters,  Alexsandra and Elizabeth!


Pinellas-Pasco-Hillsborough certified, bonded and insured
-C7472 - LP8892 - PA 2761

"We Take Pride in Our Workmanship and In Our Reputation."

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