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is a 100% acrylic clear penetrating for use over badly chalked paint, peeling paint, or any deteriorated surface requiring restoration prior to painting... contains a high level of mildewcides which will produce a mildew and algae resistant surface...will re-balance and control PH level by penetrating in the stucco surfaces... it can be used over new or previously painted...



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WhyCoatings... Enhance Curb Appeal with Beauty and Durability?

coating is formulated with Technology, a state-of-the-art acrylic copolymer technology that is optimized for durability and film build. This technology, plus innovative manufacturing techniques, are why has up to 75% greater durability, coat-for-coat, than top line exterior paints.

Different types and grades of coatings provide different application and resistance properties, depending upon the kinds and levels of ingredients used to create the coatings. In turn, the properties of a coatings determine the general quality of the coating.
What's in a Can of?
Liquid: (or the "solvent") provides desired consistency and makes it possible to apply the pigment and binder to the surface being painted.
Binders: "Bind" the pigment together and provides film integrity and adhesion to substrate 100% acrylic resin formulation for maximum durability and fade resistance.
Additives: Ingredients that provide specific coating and properties such as high performance mildewcides, fungicides and algaecides for extreme protection. Acrylic conditioner, anti-mold, insecticide additives and Ceramic Thermal Cell's.
Pigments: provide color, hiding, and (sheen) control.

Superior Mildew and Algae Resistant Coating – GUARANTEED:

Features and Benefits:

  • Mildew and Algae Resistant
  • High Quality 100% Acrylic
  • Excellent Adhesion, Coverage and Hide
  • Resistant to Peeling, Cracking and Blistering
  • Excellent Color Retention and Chalk Resistance
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain for Years of Service
  • Has a Breathable Membrane for Maximum Durability
  • contains a Proprietary Bland of Agents that Inhibit the Growth of Mildew and Algae on the Surfaces of the Coating Film

How to Make the Right Choice?

has a 85% higher film build than conventional paints and provides a thicker, more flexible layer than ordinary house paint. You can be confident that won't peel or blister. Rigorous durability tests have shown that Coating consistently outperforms exterior paints. Yet, it remains flexible as your house expands and contracts with weather changes, preventing cracking, peeling and blistering.

The system allows the coating to resist wind driven rain. It also allows the masonry structure to release moisture vapors without interfering with the adhesion and the performance of the coating.
PVC determines Sheen Levels
Typical PVC values associated with different levels of paint gloss are noted below.
Sheen levels are directly related to the PVC (pigment volume concentration) percentage in a can of paint.
Pigment reduces the shininess or gloss of the coating product. By incrementally increasing pigment levels or using larger particle pigments, a finish moves from a gloss to a more flat finish. With no pigments present, most binders would dry to form a clear, glossy film (Some binders are used without pigments to make clear finishes or varnishes).
Generally, the more glossy a coating product is, the more durable and scrubbable it will be.while sacrificing touch-up ability. Whereas, flat finishes touch-up well and hide surface imperfections better.but are not as durable or scrubbable.
Film Formation
Film formation in a latex coating occurs when the coating applied and the liquid (solvent) evaporates. As the liquid evaporates the particles of pigment and binder draw closer together. Eventually the binder particles fuse together binding the pigment into a continuous film. This process is called coalescence and is shown in the graphic below.






"At A & E Painting, we are not only committed to offering you the highest quality coating systems available, we are also dedicated to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with all the outstanding services we perform."

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