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  • Determine the square footage below the roofline. To do this, add the widths of the four sides of your house, then multiply that number by your house's height below the roofline. In our example: 60 + 60 + 20 + 20= 160 x 10 = 1,600 square feet below the roofline.
  • Determine the square footage above the roofline. For each pitched roof or gable, multiply the height of the peak (measuring from the roof base line) by one-half the length of the roof base line.
    In our example: 6 x 10 = 60 x 2 peaks = 120 square feet above the roofline.
  • To determine the total area, add your answers from steps 1 and 2. In our example:
    1,600 + 120 = 1,720 square feet.
  • How many square feet is my house? _____
  • Average estimate cost per square foot is under $2 including preparation primers and finish coats
    (including all materials).
  • Mildew is a fungus that is always present in the air. It feeds on organic matter such as wood, leather, dirt and paint. All exterior paints, stains, and primers are mildew resistant, but under the right conditions-warmth and dampness-it will grow just about anywhere.
  • Maintenance facsia boards & gutters to prevent streaks or stains from roof.
  • Keep sprinkler systems away from painted areas.
  • Keep foliage away from painted areas. (Trim trees that provide dense shade all day long).
  • For a lasting paint job, water pressure clean every few years.
  • Touch -up the exterior walls. The touch-paint is darker than the paint on the house. Why is
    there a color difference? All exterior paints are manufactured so that they will not noticeably
    fade. The sun's ultra violet rays cause an aging effect on paint and anything left exposed to
    them over time (example-car finishes, draperies, and even asphalt). This exposure to ultra
    violet rays will diminish the brightness of the color pigments used to create the color of the
    paint on your home. This effect is harsher where the ultra violet rays are stronger such as the
    southern part of our country. When you apply new paint to an exposed weathered paint you
    may see a color difference. This is a normal occurrence of any exterior coating. (Under the
    right conditions hydrostatic pressure may cause peeling on concrete surfaces.)
  • Preparation (Sound preparation is essential to long lasting results).
  • Primer's (The first step toward a lasting finish).
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