A & E Painting Process

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Exterior Painting System

The techniques vary slightly, depending on whether your home is made of block, stucco or wood, and the condition of the surfaces. The process shown here illustrates how thoroughly A & E Painting Services  approaches every project.

Inspection & Estimate

A & E Painting and Coatings

A complete inspection is done and careful measurements are taken. 

We assist you in selecting appropriate products and colors specially for  your home


A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC

  • Trench around foundation of walls 4 to 6 inches and apply coating below ground level. (Water proofing)

Hydro Blasting

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC

  • Many surfaces requires a power "Hydro-washing" with a mildewcide to expose defects and remove loose debris, mildew, dirt, and chalking.

Patch, Repair and Caulk.

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC

  • Patch all cracks in stucco, around the windows, and around the edge of the ceilings.

Scraping and Caulking

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC

  • A & E caulks all windows, door casings, and gaps in woodwork to avoid moisture and prevents peeling. (Acrylic caulking with silicone is used). 
  • Alastomeric patch is used for masonry cracks.

Masking and Shielding.

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC

  • Windows, doors, landscaping, fencing, decking, etc... are covered and protected. 
  • Drop clothes will be used around entire house.

Primer & Sealer

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC
Primer & Sealer

  • A specially formulated primer/sealer is applied for durability and to provide a good base for new paint. 
  • A & E applies penetrating waterproof, 100% Acrylic Mildewcide undercoat. Containig a high level of Mildewcide.

Finish Coat.

A & E Painting and Coatings, LLC
Finish Coat.

  • Paint is brushed, rolled or sprayed on as determined by A & E Painting, using only the highest quality products. 
  • Paint is applied to ensure complete coverage and a professionalism finish. 
  • A & E applies mildewcide retardant paint to all surfaces listed. Rust-inhibiting coating will be applied to rusted areas.

Completion Certificate

A & E Painting Completion Certificate